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Wedding Photography Photographer Lufkin
Wedding Photography Photographer LufkinWedding Photography Photographer Lufkin
Standard image (no editing) Enhanced image with vignette, skin softening, background cleanup, and eye / teeth lightening. Click image to see details.   Black and white image with selected color.

Image quality has never been more critical as in digital photography. Over the years, I have completed countless hours of research and testing to achieve the absolute highest quality from my digital negatives, which brings my customers the very best images. My custom workflow begins with a high resolution RAW file from my Canon 5D digital camera along with the best Canon lenses available. I then combine Adobe Lightroom and PhotoShop CS4 to fine tune exposure, color balance, and image contrast. I personally enhance approximately 90% of the pictures. Enhancements may be as simple as tightening the crop for a more pleasing composition or as difficult as removing unwanted objects from the background. Using my 20 plus years of photography experience, I evaluate each images and select the appropriate enhancement. It is not unusual for me to spend upwards of six hours editing a wedding prior to uploading the pictures to my pro lab for printing. These initial enhancements are part of my standard service (there is no additional fee). I believe my customers deserve the very best from their images. An example of image quality can be seen in this zoom view.

By choosing Dupre' Photography, you are choosing a personal attention to detail from image capture to final print.

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