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To the Bride,

Here are a few things I recommend or some things to consider; although, regardless of all the preparations and worry over the details, everything always works out.

Dupre Wedding Photography Photographer LufkinWedding Coordinator: I suggest that you have a wedding coordinator as part of your wedding. She will take your wedding program and execute it with precision. The wedding coordinator is the one who knows everyone in the wedding party and can locate any relative in a matter of minutes (or send someone to find that person). She knows where the flowers are, who is pinning them on, who has the rings, how to adjust the lights in the church, and helps maintain overall peace when the guys get too rowdy. With the right person in place, you can rest easy that all the details are taken care of, which allows you to focus on getting ready. The wedding coordinator is the photographer's best friend and weddings always run smoother with one.

Dupre Wedding Photography Photographer LufkinMatron / Maid of Honor: Discuss with your matron of honor everything that you will need her to do. Have her get ready first with the exception of maybe putting on her dress. If she has children, she'll need someone else to take care of them because she'll be busy taking care of you. She will be the one to escort you to the chapel and she will need to be with you throughout the pre-ceremony pictures to fluff out your wedding dress, tend the flowers, and any other details that may arise. Also, ask your dress shop to demonstrate how the dress is designed to be bustled and I strongly recommend that your matron of honor and your mother practice bustling your dress (while they are wearing dresses) before your wedding day. Sometimes that goes quickly, but I have literally seen it take fifteen minutes to properly bustle a wedding dress (it can be a frustrating experience when everyone at the reception is waiting on you to enter).

Dupre Wedding Photography Photographer LufkinFlowers: Be sure the flowers arrive in advance of when the photography is to take place. Plan where they will be and designate someone to pin on the corsages. The groom's mother may want to be involved in this or an aunt or sister of the groom. If not, then ask the wedding coordinator to help with pinning on the flowers. This may seem like a minor detail, but it helps to start the pictures on time (typically the grooms pictures are taken first).

Dupre Wedding Photography Photographer LufkinTuxedo: Be sure all of the groomsmen try on their tuxes before the wedding day. There will be little or no time to return or correct a problem once they are at the church. You may also want to have safety pins on hand. Another helpful item are neck button extenders. Neck sizes can be difficult to match with tuxedo rentals and a tight fit can be very uncomfortable. Finally, double check that all the guys have a pair of black socks (white socks are not very attractive with a tuxedo).

Dupre Wedding Photography Photographer LufkinShoes
Every women loves her shoes. However, I suggest comfort over fashion for your wedding day or at the very least find a compromise. After all, the wedding dress covers the shoes most of the time and I've seen brides go through a lot of discomfort during the ceremony. To the point of not enjoying the wedding ceremony at all and just wanting it to be over so they could get out of their shoes. Wear them a few hours a week or so before the wedding and get a feel for how comfortable they really are. Other things to consider are wearing a more comfortable shoe during pre-ceremony pictures and change again for the reception (especially if you are planning on dancing).

Dupre Wedding Photography Photographer LufkinThe Cake: There are two things I'd like to say about the wedding cake. My advice to the newlyweds, particularly the groom, is to not do the "cake smash" thing. Your bride has spent a lot of time and resources getting prepared for her wedding day, a day that she has dreamed about for many years. Take my word for it, she does not want to spend her reception wiping cake out of her nose, getting cake "caked" in her contacts, ruining her makeup, or fishing it out of her dress - all in front of her wedding guest. Yes, I have seen it all. And let me tell you, when she feeds you your piece of cake, it won't be pretty. The new trend is to cut a small piece with a fork and lovingly feed each other with no conflicts. The second thing I'd like to mention is to be sure and cut the cake in a timely manner. Often times the guest finish eating long before the bride and groom. The bride and groom are occupied with greeting guest and hugging necks and when they finally sit down to eat the guest are ready for dessert. There are always folks departing early for various reasons and if you wait too long to cut the cake there will be a lot left over. I have photographed several weddings where only a third of the wedding cake had been eaten.

Family Pictures: Just a short mention that the bride and groom should communicate any family issues to the photographer. Normally family pictures after the ceremony go very smooth, but there are occasions when divorced parents do not want to be in the pictures together. This situation is best discussed beforehand rather than at the altar and can be handled tactfully so that everyone is happy with their pictures.

Dupre Wedding Photography Photographer LufkinHave Fun! You will enter a time warp like you have never experienced. You will be living out a dream and sharing all facets of your life with the man you love. Time will pass in a totally different way. It's hard to explain, but you'll know what I mean the day after your wedding. I have seen it play out hundreds of times. So, once everything gets started, relax, let it unfold, and enjoy! Take some time throughout the day to pause and just look around and take it all in. It will be over before you know it.

Finally, I would like to say that when your wedding day has come and gone, one of the few things that you will have forever are the photographs that captured your memories. And the best pictures that you'll see are the ones you didn't know were taken.

Dupre Wedding Photography Photographer Lufkin

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